Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center

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We offer our deepest gratitude to all our contributors.
Your generosity has saved over 7,400 lives since 1998.

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 Declawing Facts
Please note - We are not accepting any applications at this time
We Offer Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services at:
SOS of Ohio on West Broad Street in Columbus
Capital Area Humane Society in Hilliard

Spays $25.00 & Neuters $15.00
(includes rabies vaccination)
Applications accepted daily!
(must be resident of Franklin or Delaware County)
Funding available for no cost
(proof of income required)
Please complete the attached SPAY/NEUTER APPLICATION
and return to Cozy Cat (allow 2-3 weeks to process)

NOMAD Spay and Neuter Clinic at Cozy Cat

Dates will be posted soon!
Limited appointments available
We have funding available for no income
(proof of income required)
Please complete the attached SPAY/NEUTER APPLICATION
and return to Cozy Cat

Services provided by NOMAD:

  • Female Cat Spay…$25.00 (cats in heat will be charged additional $10.00)
  • Male Neuter…$15.00
  • FVRCPC Vaccine…$10.00
  • Accurax Earmite Treatment...$20.00
  • Nail Trim…$5.00
  • Tape Wormer…$10.00
  • Flea Treatment (Revolution)…$20.00
  • Ear Tip (ferals only)…$5.00

NEW!! Low Cost Feline Medical Clinic at Cozy Cat
Date coming soon!
11:00am - 1:00pm
No appointment necessary; first come first serve basis
Cash payment only!
General Physicals 
Physical only $20.00
with vaccines No Charge 
Distemper $12.00 
Leukemia $12.00
Rabies $10.00
All 3 $25.00
Microchip (24 Petwatch) $25.00

Felv/Fiv test $25.00

Flea Treatments
Capstar $5.00
 Revolution $16.00 

 Earmites $7.00

Strongid-t $5.00
Cestex (tapeworms) $10.00
 Nail Trim $5.00

Female Cat Spay…$55.00 (pregnant cats or cats in heat will be charged additional $10.00)
Male Neuter…$30.00
Rabies Vaccine…$10.00 (must be at least 12 weeks old)
FVRCPC Vaccine…$10.00
Accurax Earmite Treatment…$10.00
Nail Trim…$5.00
Tape Wormer…$10.00
Flea Treatment (Advantage)…$10.00
Ear Tip (ferals only)…$5.0
Adoption Fees*:
One year + $50.00
13 weeks to 1 year $90.00
Kittens under 13 weeks $100.00
*Microchip $10.00 additional fee applies to all adoptions
All adoptions include the following:
  • At least two physicals by a veterinarian
  • Spay or neuter before adoption (no exceptions)
  • FELv/FIV test - must be negative for both
  • Vaccinations (depending on age and length of stay): Distemper, Leukemia, Rabies
  • Treated for fleas and worms

You must have a carrier to take your new pet
home ( no boxes or crates)
and we accept cash or check only for adoptions


Cozy Cat Cottage Statistics for 2013
  • Began 2013 with 160 in-house felines
  • Took in 582 cats/kittens
  • 27 felines passed away due to natural causes. Most were babies
  • 17 felines were euthanized. This encompassed felines we did everything to save and did not want them to suffer
    517 found homes 
  • 25 were returned to Cozy Cat
  • Total of 738 feline residents for 2013
  •  As of December 2013, Cozy Cat had 174 in-house felines
    •  Twenty over the age of 5 
    • Seven over the age of 10 
    • One over the age of 15
  • Our euthanasia rate is 0.03%. We are so proud of our medical team, staff, and volunteers who help us to detect illnesses before they become out of control

Every month is a struggle to pay the rent, utilities and medical bills.
 Donors, members and sponsors make the Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center possible.
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Adoption Center Hours:

Monday thru Friday:
8:30am - 11:30am & 5:30pm - 7:30pm
10:00am - 4:00pm
1:30pm - 5:00pm
Phone: 614-336-8510
Fax:      614-336-8515

Physical address:

62 Village Pointe Drive
Powell, Ohio 43065

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 283, Powell
Ohio 43065-0283
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