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Amber DOB:1/01/2009 Pic Takrn:4/16/2016


Artie DOB:2/01/2015 Pic Taken:4/16/2016


Bucky DOB:6/01/2014 Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Charlotte DSH: Gray/White (just a little white)DOB: 08/19/03Arrived: 01/25/04I was dumped along a roadwith my sister Nellie. I am extremely afraid of people so I watch everything they do. I hang out up in the front office with the rest of the gang. My sister is now ...


Charmin DOB: 07/01/10ARRIVED: 11/23/10DLH WHTMy four siblings and mom were living at a Speedway gas station. Someone was afraid for us and gathered us all up and took us to Cozy Cat. My mom and siblings are all adopted. I am still here because I am a little fearf ...


Chloe DOB: 03/01/06ARRIVED:09/09/11DSH CALICO: BLK/ORN/WHTI originally came to CC in 2008 with five babies. Since then I have been in foure homes and now back at Cozy Cat. I should say in a couple of the homes I was naughty. Cozy Cat doesn't know if I would be ...


Cleo DSH Calico_Black/Orange/WhiteDOB: 05/01/10 Arrived: 06/29/10I was at an animal sancturay in Ohio where adoptions just don't happen for cats. The lady who ran the sanctuary asked Cozy Cat to find me and my 3 siiblings a home. Because I was the shyiest of t ...

Copper New!

Copper DOB:4/01/2014 Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Dewey DOB: 3/10/2014 Pic Taken: 3/21/2015


Dundee DOB: 3/10/2014 Pic Taken: 5/23/2015


Echo DOB: 6/01/2011ARIVED: 6/01/2011DSH CALICO;BLK/ORN/WHT I along with my seven littermates were living on the streets of Cardington. Left to fend for ourselves a rescuer scooped us up and took us to CC. Some were adopted but a few of us are still here. We w ...


Ellery DOB: 6/01/2011ARRIVED: 07/2/11DSH: BLK/WHT Pic Taken: 4/19/2014 I am a very sweet boy and when you come to Cozy Cat you will find me hanging out mostly up front in the waiting room. I have a heart condition that was discovered as a baby. With my medicat ...


Ellington DOB: 6/01/2011ARRIVED: 07/12/11DSH: GRY/WHT I am one of the "E" kitties from Cardington.  I too would love to find a home. I am a little "stand off ish" and would need someone who just wants to hang out with me on my terms. No small children please! ...


Elliott DOB:1/23/2014 Pic Taken:4/16/2016

Gabriel New!

Gabriel DOB: Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Grady DOB:2/01/2015 Pic Taken:4/16/2016


Grayson DOB:2/01/2015 Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Honey DOB:7/23/2005 Pic Taken:2/28/2016

Hooper New!

Hooper DOB:2/01/2014 Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Jerry DOB: 12/01/02ARRIVED: 12/01/02DSH: WHT/ORN Pic Taken: 4/19/2014 I was adopted when I was four months old along with my brother Tom. Our adopters moved and said they didn't want us anymore and Cozy Cat took us back. My brother Tom became so depressed tha ...

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