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Amber DOB:1/01/2009 Pic Takrn:4/16/2016


Artie DOB:2/01/2015 Pic Taken:4/16/2016

Audrey New!

Audrey DOB:11/05/2014 Pic Taken:5/21/2016


Bucky DOB:6/01/2014 Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Charlotte DSH: Gray/White (just a little white)DOB: 08/19/03Arrived: 01/25/04I was dumped along a roadwith my sister Nellie. I am extremely afraid of people so I watch everything they do. I hang out up in the front office with the rest of the gang. My sister is now ...


Charmin DOB: 07/01/10ARRIVED: 11/23/10DLH WHTMy four siblings and mom were living at a Speedway gas station. Someone was afraid for us and gathered us all up and took us to Cozy Cat. My mom and siblings are all adopted. I am still here because I am a little fearf ...


Chloe DOB: 03/01/06ARRIVED:09/09/11DSH CALICO: BLK/ORN/WHTI originally came to CC in 2008 with five babies. Since then I have been in foure homes and now back at Cozy Cat. I should say in a couple of the homes I was naughty. Cozy Cat doesn't know if I would be ...


Cleo DSH Calico_Black/Orange/WhiteDOB: 05/01/10 Arrived: 06/29/10I was at an animal sancturay in Ohio where adoptions just don't happen for cats. The lady who ran the sanctuary asked Cozy Cat to find me and my 3 siiblings a home. Because I was the shyiest of t ...


Copper DOB:4/01/2014 Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Dewey DOB: 3/10/2014 Pic Taken: 3/21/2015


Dundee DOB: 3/10/2014 Pic Taken: 5/23/2015


Echo DOB: 6/01/2011ARIVED: 6/01/2011DSH CALICO;BLK/ORN/WHT I along with my seven littermates were living on the streets of Cardington. Left to fend for ourselves a rescuer scooped us up and took us to CC. Some were adopted but a few of us are still here. We w ...


Ellery DOB: 6/01/2011ARRIVED: 07/2/11DSH: BLK/WHT Pic Taken: 4/19/2014 I am a very sweet boy and when you come to Cozy Cat you will find me hanging out mostly up front in the waiting room. I have a heart condition that was discovered as a baby. With my medicat ...


Ellington DOB: 6/01/2011ARRIVED: 07/12/11DSH: GRY/WHT I am one of the "E" kitties from Cardington.  I too would love to find a home. I am a little "stand off ish" and would need someone who just wants to hang out with me on my terms. No small children please! ...

Elsa New!

Elsa DOB: Pic Taken:5/21/2016


Gabriel DOB: Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Grady DOB:2/01/2015 Pic Taken:4/16/2016


Grayson DOB:2/01/2015 Pic Taken:4/30/2016


Honey DOB:7/23/2005 Pic Taken:2/28/2016


Hooper DOB:2/01/2014 Pic Taken:4/30/2016

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