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Become a foster parent

Foster families help by caring for felines in their own homes until they are ready to begin their journey at our adoption center. Foster parents can choose between having kittens born in your home or welcoming a mama and her babies shortly after birth. They commit to caring for mom and her kittens for 8 to 10 weeks after the babies are born.

You provide:

  • A single room in their home for a mama cat and her kittens.
  • The basic comforts of home with blankets/towels, food and water dishes, and litter pans.
  • Attention, interaction, and love which gives mama cat and her babies the best chance to thrive.

We provide:

  • A supply of food and litter for mom and her babies.
  • Advice and support available 24/7 for the duration of foster care.
  • Medical attention as needed.
Kittens nursing with a mother catGrey cat sleeping on a serving tray

Ready to foster?

Contact us at with the subject line “Foster Program”. All applicants will go through our screening process.

We love our foster parents!

“Fostering for Cozy Cat Cottage is one of my passions! It gives me an opportunity to share my love and compassion for animals. I provide homeless kitties a safe and loving environment to prepare them for adoption by socializing and caring for them. The best part is I get my kitty fix without keeping them all!”

-Sheryl K., CCC foster parent